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From ideation and prototyping to your final build and testing, we offer a range of technical services.

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What We Do

Extend or build a remote team with Remobi

Remobi is helping organisations quickly scale with vetted, highly skilled remote technologists.

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Today, organisations that understand the value of remote will reap the rewards. Because it doesn’t just provide your team members with a healthier work-life balance, it gives you the opportunity to access the brightest minds in the world. 

Our clients access this community to build or extend their existing teams. All are made up of remote, distributed software engineering experts - the best-in-class. Rapidly deployed without compromising on quality.

We believe that accessing today’s global talent is the only way to stay ahead. Remote working is more than a passing trend. IT’S A REVOLUTION.

Reach out to us today and see how Remobi can help you ramp up a high-quality, agile, remote team of technologists - pre-screened, for your peace of mind.  

// How it works


1. Discovery

We start by understanding your priorities, challenges and objectives. This could include a country analysis to cluster your ideal remote team.


2. Selection

Once we’ve gathered all the data and insights, it’s time to build your team. We take care of the entire process, creating the perfect blend for every project.


3. Onboarding

Working remotely there’ll be no delay in kicking off. Whether it’s a product, application or something else, your Remobi team will tackle each project efficiently via agile sprints.


4. Community

As part of a global community, your team will have access to meetups, well-being exercises, competitions and more. Because remote doesn’t mean alone with Remobi.

We have an average NPS score of 9.2 and a 82% retention rate in our Remobi community.

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Our services

Remobi team

Partnering with you to either build a new team or extend your current one.  You manage the project using our experts. Dedicated to you. 100% of the time.

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Remobi product

Let us build or develop your product with one of our highly experienced, proven remote technology teams using agile methodology.

Rapid scaling of remote technology at the forefront of the energy revolution