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Rapid development of an innovative
3D visualisation tool for a digital leader

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Siemens Digital Industries is the leader in industrial automation and digitalisation. Based in Nuremberg Germany, it has a global workforce of around 78,000. SDI is the driving force for digital transformation in both the discrete and process industries.


The challenge

Siemens Digital Industries was looking for a 3D visualisation engine that they could integrate into one of their core client products. The engine would allow Tool Operators to visually check the Tool required for the machine on manufacturing floors.

The modification could help teams quickly identify faults, repairs or replacement tools - saving time and improving efficiency. 

3D visualisation model

Have a play with our 3D engine

The solution


1. Discovery

We kicked the project off by gathering all of the technical requirements for the 3D Engine. Next, all of the stakeholders involved agreed upon bi-weekly sprint reviews and key milestones for completion. The project needed to be delivered in a 4-week timeframe, on time and within budget.

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2. Delivery

Remobi assembled a remote team efficiently within the allocated timeframe. The team then designed, built, tested and integrated the 3D Engine. From start to finish, the development of the Engine was completed within 3 weeks.


3. Review

Working in weekly agile sprints meant the product build was an iterative process and, crucially, allowed for regular review, comment and annotation. This kept the project running smoothly from kickoff to completion. After making the final tweaks and adjustments, Remobi handed over the completed product to the client for sign-off.


4. Handover

Handover included the product itself and everything Siemens Digital Industries needed to use and maintain it. This included libraries with a detailed technical walkthrough of how the prototype operates, work packages and the product source code. Siemens Digital Industries has now gone on to work with Remobi on multiple other digital products.


In just 4 weeks, Remobi ramped up the remote team of 3 professionals. The project was delivered and received a 100% NPS from the client.

Average lead time to deployment
2 days
Estimated Cost Saving
No. of people deployed

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Partnering with you to either build a new team or extend your capabilities.


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From ideation and prototyping to final build and testing, we offer a range of technical services.