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Siemens Energy x Remobies Meetup in Bucharest

It’s great being part of a remote Remobi team, but is good to get together in person once in a while.

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Siemens Energy have been scaling a remote team in partnership with Remobi and it has been hugely successful. The team has grown to over 50 remote technologists covering Software Engineering, DevOps, Architecture, Project Management and more.

At Remobi we are massive advocates of remote working. For our clients it allows them to scale up quickly, tapping into our community of pre-screened pool of remote technologists. For our Remobies it gives them access to Companies and Projects that would not normally be accessible to them due to geography.

Despite being remote we cluster our remote teams in countries, regions or time zones. The reason we do this is so we can bring the team together with the client once in a while.

Siemens Energy is a trademark licensed by Siemens AG.

Bucharest 2022 Meetup

The Remobi team for Siemens Energy is clustered in Romania so we choose Bucharest for our 2022 Meetup. The Remobi team worked in collaboration with the client to source a venue, arrange the flights, accommodation, and set the agenda for the 2 days.

In this case we had a jam packed couple of days including presentations, workshop and team building activities. But its not all about work… we managed to fit a walking tour of the city and a meal at a great local restaurant.



At the end of the 2 days everyone left feeling more connected and dialled in to the team. We believe it’s really important to bring remote teams together and the data supports this. Remobi has a 87% retention rate with an eNPS of 9.4.

7I want to thank everyone involved in making the event a success; the team at Siemens Energy, Remobi and of course the Remobies

There is an old saying: “teams that play together, stay together…”

I’m really looking forward to the next one.